I’ve dreamt for many years on how I wanted to live and experience Italy as a local. I perserved through all the chaos that is Italy and I made my dream come true. I worked my bum off to make a life here and to survive on my own two feet. I traveled far and suffered a lot with money, friends and jobs. I now want to experience something new… returning home. 

It has been four years in July, that I’ve lived in a country, in a city that many people dream of living in. The thought of being amongst the Renaissance, the Medici, Michelangelo, Dante and many more, was something a person from a small town in the US strived to achieve since first stepping onto its cobblestones 11 years ago. Although my experiences have shaped me and helped me to grow as a person, I’ve lost the love of Italy along the way. The part of me that screamed, “You must at least try to make a life here” “You have nothing to lose, everything to gain” “Immerse yourself in the language”. All of which I have accomplished, have helped me overcome and become the person I am today.  
Being an English teacher in Florence was always a means to an end, I always told myself. I strived to become a BodyFlow instructor, which I did accomplish in 2010 but found it not fulfilling enough at least here in Florence. My other goal was to write about my love, Florence. Which is what I did for 2 years with both NileGuide and 10Best, both great learning experiences. But after you’ve lived in a city that was once a fairy tale waiting to come true, you become sucked into the daily activities of that city/country and see its flaws. These flaws then turn you away from what you’ve always thought of being a tunnel of possibility and at any second you could exit from that tunnel and succeed to your highest potential. Alas, you realized your highest potential isn’t going to transpire here. My students have helped opened my eyes to what Italy stands for though. I will not list the things I believe have deterred me from living here since these are my opinions and I know there are many people out there that still have the same dream I once did. I am not one to rain on someone’s parade. Go for your dreams and don’t let what I am writing discourage you from doing what your heart says.
After much consideration and willingness to give into my true feelings of how and where I want to live my life, I have decided to return back to where it all started. What I have realized though, my passion has always been teaching. Not necessarily English, but Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates. Something that I practice in my room every day and can’t wait to be in front of a class again.
More news has come to pass when on our 2 year anniversary, my love Stefano, asked me, ever so softly, 
“Mi vuoi sposare?” (Will you marry me?)

Now, being a girl of a certain age, I truly never thought the day would come that the love of my life would be in front me on our 2 year anniversary asking me to marry him. I, at a certain point, gave up on the fact of ever tying the knot. But after meeting him and spending every second of every day with him these past two years, I thought to myself ‘this man is IT, I can’t let him go’

So now, spending 2 vacations with my family, he is convinced that he wants to skip town and head to suburban Illinois with me. Starting a life together where we will struggle, overcome and succeed in what we are striving to do, our passions in life. 
After 200 days of not writing, I think this is a good post to end on, no? Not sure how much longer I am going to keep this up since now my dreams have come true with Italy. I’ve done everything I set out to do these past 11 years. Perhaps I need to change the name of this blog now…..we will see. 
a presto amici!

After a lot of thinking and pondering what to do with this blog. Since I am never writing as much anymore, I am going to turn this into a photo blog. My life here is quite uninteresting now to share each and every day what I have done. So in the upcoming weeks, I will be changing my blog around and simplifying it as well. 

I hope to have some followers still out there.
a presto amici!!

Another encounter with the amazing Marco. I have seem to found the last of caring and kind Italians. A person that exceeds all the odds of humanity and sympathy of the trials and realities of this life. Instead of teaching him English, we discussed the important things in life that are precious and can’t be found in material things. Since his company is surrounded by the big fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, he is able to stay grounded. He isn’t tempted by the fame and glam that is in the fake fashion world. He stays amongst the people who have an effect on him. Who make him think and appreciate the simple things in life.

The simplicity, that people who are full of money, can’t appreciate or either don’t want to see fully with their eyes wide open. All they see is money, business and things they can buy with the money and business. Do they see people? No. Do they see the difficulties in their employees lives? Hell no.
If you are present at work, that is enough, but who cares about what problems you have at home or with family members. This isn’t how Marco runs his company. 
He sees how people really are. He sees their soul once they start speaking. He looks them in the eye. He doesn’t care where you went to school or if you study business or if you never studied. He takes you as you are. That is all. 
Isn’t this how it always should be??  

I met an amazing person. He is unlike any other. He has this outlook on life, that is probably the most amazing way to see things ever. He expressed to me how he runs his business, how he never discriminates against people with diseases, like cancer or depression. He makes the workplace like a family. He gave me this feeling for the less fortunate that made me feel that I need to change something about my life. 

After I met him, I continued, that day, to meet really amazing people, who are following their passions and hearts. Not just the money.  I am sick of trying to work my arse off for 10 euro an hour when I think I could be doing something much more important and worth my time.  I am putting it out there to the Universe, that I want a change and I want to find a job that is stable, paid well, something I am passionate about and most importantly, in one place.  Not all over the city of Florence. 
I really am putting all my energy in this one this time, not just half. 
(So I repeat..)
I want a job that I am passionate about, I am well paid, I am stable, and it is in one place!!
Thank you Universe!!

I met with this well-known Italian journalist and he expressed to me his vision. First thing, he said, “I’m not rich”. Apart from the house he has in San Frediano and his new house in Piazza Pitti. He writes for an important newspaper and also creates screenplays and write novels in his free time. I kept thinking as he was explaining all he had reported on and all that he loves to do, he is just full of passion. He repeated the word over and over. 

I was seeing how much good energy he passing on to me without even knowing it. He writes for himself and it calms him. He enjoys telling stories and that is his passion. He doesn’t care about money. He lives a simple life in Florence, with his children. He refused to move to Rome to be closer to the main office of this newspaper. 
I then had the pleasure to visit with my guru, Pasquale. He always gives me great insight about life. He said to me that we must live for ourselves and try to find the happiness within ourselves not with things or people. Finding a job you like and enjoy is all well and good but if you aren’t content with yourself, you won’t grow much further as a person. I agree with everything he says yet I am always set adrift from the things I have going on in my life. If only it is was easier done than said. 
But alas, I must press and enjoy this amazing life I have to live only once. Being with a man that I truly love and learning to grow together, is something I want to cherish.
Sending great love and hugs to all! 
a presto amici!

So much has happened since I last wrote. I turned 31 on March 18th and I still can’t believe I am still here in Italy. I have been so blessed to be living in a country where my ancestors lived. I have been struggling a bit with trying to find another profession and a way to live comfortably without having to work in places I wouldn’t dream. I have a few opportunities popping up here and there and once they reveal themselves in full form I will announce them. 

My vacation with amore mio to Egypt was amazing. A real eye-opener. I am sure we will never go back to Egypt again(if only for the alcohol, there was hardly any). But we sure did learn a lot more about each other and laughed our asses off more than once. I can’t stress enough how lucky I am to have him in my life. He is by far the most amazing thing I could have ever wished for. 
When we arrived back to Florence we noticed the temperature. It was hot. Well warm, let’s say. So yes now I can officially say it is spring. YES!! 
Happy Spring Amici!!

These are the days I wish I had a car or something faster that will get me to work.  BRRRR!!!

Been trying to think of different ways to apply myself these days. Only just to keep a smile on my face. My beautiful man keeps me sane which helps a bit. As I know things will eventually fall into place, the life I want to live with the job that is my passion with the man that I already have in my arms. 
I am pressing on and hoping for the best to show itself so I can grab it with both arms. 
Happy Tuesday amici!! a presto!!